Zoë Foster Blake just announced her biggest move so far…literally. The Aussie author and Go-To skincare creator is relocating to the U.S. for six weeks to launch her range of best-selling products in retail giant Sephora. We caught up with the Wrong-Girl creator to chat about her easy-as beauty regimen and her top travel tips. Keep reading for five minutes with ZFB…

You’re about to start a new chapter with Go-To, what’s coming up next? 

We decided last year we were very lucky to have Sephora US ask us to be in their wonderful retail stores and that finally comes into provision next week. Then in August, we are in 400 stores, which is huge for a teeny-tiny brand -we’ve never been in store at any other retailer.

Do you think Australians have a unique approach to skin care? 

I do actually. I think just as we do with makeup, we have become a lot more homogenised globally because of YouTube and social media. When it comes to skincare, we’ve always been about laid-back, effortless products in Australia. 

“Clean beauty” is a very big topic right now – in terms of trends, is it the next big thing? 

I tend to think so. Funnily enough make-up seems to be going the other direction, where more is more. People are wearing more layers of makeup, there is more contouring and highlighting, it’s a more full on look. But skin care seems to be going in the other direction where less is more and so for us who have very simple ingredients, with no synthetics or anything which would irritate, we love transparency. That’s one of our big ones; to keep being more environmentally conscious and with fully recycled packaging, because every little step counts.

Are there any new Go-To products dropping soon? 

Absolutely. Because we have no synthetic ingredients, it does take a little longer to develop new products. But I do believe in doing it right and making sure its perfect. We have a bunch of products we have been working on for the last couple of years hopefully rolling out in the next year. So I am very excited.

From your range, which product always sells out the fastest? 

Face hero ($45; at gotoskincare.com), which is our gateway product. It’s great for any age or skin type. The effects are profound and very rapid, so I am most proud of that.

I also love ‘Transformazing ($9 for one sheet mask; at gotoskincare.com). Thats our trademark – it was the first time I ever said, when you use this, you will see instant results‘. Thankfully, people saw that it does do what it says, so I’m very proud of that one as well.

What are your in-flight skincare must-haves on a long haul flight? 

I wish I was a more extreme packer, but it’s all Go-To products that I want to use. I also bring a serum if I’m going in the sun for a tiny bit of brightening. For pigmentation, I pack my SPF 50. I also do the transformazing mask face before the flight and when I arrive. My hair is pretty easy these days, but now I have two kids, all their stuff takes up my luggage. Sunscreen and sunglasses will do, if nothing else works.

When you have a *rare* moment of quiet, how do you like to unwind mid-flight? 

The flights are hard core, my husband and I actually wear sports gear because it’s a marathon but I love reading. It’s actually a great time to travel the northern hemisphere in summer ‘cause all their summer fiction reading lists come out. I haven’t actually looked into it I have just saved the link and I am just going to go on a big e-book shopping spree when I get there on my iPad and just dig in. For the flight, no, there will be no reading. There will be trying to sleep when I can as I have a baby who crawls and doesn’t sit still!

 What about your travel wardrobe – what’s your everyday uniform? 

This year I’ve come up with this message. ‘Cause we are doing Europe for nearly 6 weeks with 12 dresses, I’m trying to limit it to 12 dresses, which is already impossible. I’m trying to just pack 12 dresses and two pairs of sandals and a few bodysuits and just be really smart packer. I go online and I buy an extra couple of little tiny dresses and I’m like ‘They’re tiny, they’ll fold up into nothing, just pack them!’. Then I bought a white blazer and I’m like, ‘Feel like that works in Greece, what if it gets chilly at night?’. It’s definitely not going to get chilly at night, so yeah that’s who I am. An over packer!