Karl Lagerfeld, who has enjoyed a 60-year career as a fashion designer, was able to make friendships with many famous faces, including Kim Kardashian.

Reality TV star, however, has revealed that Chanel’s late creative director made her cry accidentally.

The mother-of-4 opened up during a cover interview with New York Magazine about her first shoot with Lagerfeld and stylist Carine Rocher in 2013.

A close friend informed her that Chanel had started a tradition of giving models their Chanel handbags after a shoot.

“So, the entire time I’m there, she’s texting me: “What’s your bag?” Keep me posted, text me a picture,” Kardashian explained.

We lost a true legend!!!! You were an inspiration to the entire world. It was my first fashion shoot, and I was nervous to work alongside such an icon. Your presence has made the world so chic! It was an honor to have had the chance to meet you. You will be greatly missed and loved.

Kris Jenner, the’momager’ Kris Jenner showed up on set to support Kris Jenner and ended up taking the spotlight after paying tribute to the designer in sartorial style.

“Halfway through, my mom walks in, she’s wearing Chanel leggings and Chanel thigh high boots, Chanel turtleneck, blazer, Chanel blazer, Chanel thighhigh boots, Chanel jacket, Chanel blazer, Chanel turtleneck, dangling jewelry, Chanel cuffs gloves, sunglasses, beret. She was dressed in Chanel in the ’80s,” said the 39-year old.

“Karl stops shooting and walks up to her, saying, “Oh my God, is she her mother?” This jacket is still with me! These gloves are still with me! I wore those earrings! ‘”, Kardashian continued.

“The two of their love affairs are unlike anything I have ever seen. And I was like “Hello?” I am posing. I’m so uncomfortable. “This is embarrassing and so irritating.

Kris Jenner at Chanel Haute Couture Show on January 27, 2015.

Lagerfeld arrived at the duo with a hidden accessory behind his back after the shoot.

“I’m like: ‘THE BAAAAAG. IT’S HEEEERRE. O MY GOD. Kardashian said, “I’m thinking: This bag will be my treasure forever. I’m pregnant. So one day, I’ll give it to my daughter.”

According to the Star of Keeping up with The Kardashians, it wasn’t just any bag. It was actually a sample Lego clutch covered in Swarovski crystals that never made it into production.

Lagerfeld, to her horror, handed the Chanel prized item to her mother.

“Then, he came up and said, “Kim, this was the most amazing shoot. We are so grateful. Kris , Here is a bag you‘, she replied.

Kardashian was horrified at the outcome of the events and ran to the bathroom, where she began crying.

“I was like, “Oh my God, she completely stole my life!” She took my entire day today!” She added.

Six years later, Kardashian seems not to be done with the episode. She has made a vow to pass the heirloom on to North West, her six-year old daughter.

She added, “To this date, she [Kris Jenner] still has the bag in her closet.” “And I’ve told her: ‘Just to be clear, in your will this goes to North. It’s not necessary. It was my daughter’s bag.”