Nobody can live forever, not me, you, or even Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain (UK). At 94 years old, isn’t it time to start thinking about what will happen when Queen Elizabeth II dies? Is it possible to be prepared for the inevitable?

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral plans have indeed been in place since the 1960s. These plans were drawn up since the 1960s.

Please continue reading to learn more about the preparations made in advance of the Queen’s passing, and what steps the British government must take when it happens.

London Bridge Has Fallen

If the Queen should die right now (knock on Wood! Buckingham Palace will put the following plan in motion.

First, the Queen’s physician immediately informs her private Secretary. The codeword “London Bridge down” will relay the message to the prime minister. This is Her Majesty the Queen.

After the Queen’s private secretary has been informed, he will pass the information on to the 15 and 36 Commonwealth members. This includes, among other countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Media Frenzy

The Queen’s passing would immediately be announced! It wouldn’t matter if someone asked ” Did the queen die today?”. Because Buckingham Palace will immediately post a notice outside the gates stating that the Queen has passed. A post will also be posted on the website of the Royal Family.

The press will be notified as well. The BBC and other major networks will broadcast Her Majesty’s funeral and death. They have already practiced exactly how they would broadcast it.

How does this plan work? The media have decided that if the Queen dies overnight, they will announce it early the next morning. News channels will cancel all current advertisements and shows to pay respects. The BBC will also cover the Royal news until the Queen’s funeral. All other networks are expected to follow the BBC’s lead.

The 12-Day Mourning Period

The UK will observe a 12-day mourning period after the death of the Queen.

A ceremony will take place four days after the Queen’s death to prepare for the arrival of her coffin at Westminster Hall. For four days her body will remain at Westminster, where mourners may pay their respects from around the globe.

All UK flags will be at half-mast during this period. Businesses, theatres and sporting events will also be closed or cancelled.


9 days following her death, the Queen’s funeral will be held. The funeral procession will make its way from Westminster Hall towards Westminster Abbey at 9 a.m. Londoners and all others watching will hear the soft sounds of Big Ben’s cushioned hammer at this time.

The Queen’s body will arrive at Westminster Abbey on a gun carriage, which some Royal Navy sailors carry. The Archbishop will lead the state funeral. After all the rites and prayers have been completed, her body will be taken to Westminster Abbey.

What happens if the Queen dies while she is away from London?

There are special plans that will be made depending on the location of her death. The coffin will be buried in Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room, guarded and escorted by four Grenadier Guards. It will then be moved to Westminster Hall four days later.

If the Queen should die while out of country, her body would first be transported to a coffin by Royal Air Force plane. The Queen will be returned to the UK, and she will be driven to Buckingham Palace.

A car will transport her body from Buckingham Palace to Balmoral Castle, where she spent her summers, Windsor Castle or Sandringham House in Norfolk if she dies. Her body will be buried at Holyrood Palace if she passes away in Scotland. A service will take place at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Her coffin will be taken back to Buckingham Palace after the service.

Who takes over the throne when the queen dies?

According to tradition, the Queen’s oldest son, Prince Charles, will heir to her throne. Charles will be officially crowned King after several rituals.

On the evening of his mother’s death, he will address the country to inform them of the Queen’s passing and the funeral plans. At 11 a.m., Prince Charles will be declared King and will swear an “accession declaration” oath. Flags will be raised fully and cannons will sound in a royal salute.

Charles’ coronation will however take place several months after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Prince Charles will be the King when he rises to the top, and politicians and Parliament members will have to swear a new allegiance. His wife Camilla, the Duchess, of Cornwall, will be the Queen and William, the Duke of Cambridge may become Prince of Wales.

What Will Happen to Everything Else When the Queen Dies?

Prince Charles will become King and the UK’s national song will change to “God Save The King”

The Queen’s death will cause billions of dollars in economic losses for the country. This is why the London Stock Exchange will close. This is just one of the many monetary changes that will occur during this time of transition. Future monetary bills will have to feature Charles’ portrait once he is King.

The other major change is Passports. Passports. Her Majesty grants freedom to travel. Charles is given her approval when she dies.

The British police force will also have to change their uniforms as the current ones feature the Queen’s initials along with her regnal number.

Is the Queen of England dead? When will The Queen die?

Don’t be alarmed if you are wondering if the Queen is dying. The Queen, despite being 94 years old is still in great health. Although she has had some minor health issues in the past, such as having her cataract removed and being treated for anemia, these have not been serious enough to endanger her life.

If a friend asks you, “Is Queen Mary still alive?” then tell them to remain calm and continue. It’s unlikely she has passed unless there is a major announcement.


Changes will be wrought by the death of the longest-serving monarch, which will shock the United Kingdom and the rest of the globe. There have been preparations to ensure that the transition between rulers is smooth.