For the uninitiated, finding out about The Frankie Shop is like the fashion equivalent of figuring out retinol will get rid of your acne. There’s the initial first stage where you’re not sure if their prices are legitimate or their pieces actually that good a quality, but once you realise that no, this isn’t a scam and yes, these pieces are modern classics for a fraction of the price… that’s the lightbulb moment.

Known in the fashion world for some time now, The Frankie Shop’s New York and Paris-based boutiques spawned a legion of dedicated fans, some of whom would travel to said cities purely to stock up on the brand’s cache of minimalist, trend-leaning wardrobe staples, including their famous utility jumpsuits. Now, it’s on Net-A-Porter.


Releasing their first capsule collection with the online department store, The Frankie Shop is finally, easily available in Australia. While the shop’s online store does ship to Australia, it’s often costly and takes forever. Hence, Net-A-Porter’s free (or $10 when under $300) delivery is life changing.


A favourite of top-tier fashion It girls like Leandra Medine, Tiffany Hsu, Loulou De Saison and Vanessa Hong, The Frankie Shop’s neat capsule is named after some of our favourite fashion influencers and street style stars, proving their cemented connection to some of fashion’s elite trend makers. Think pastel pleated skirts, oversized chocolate blazers, creamy utility suits, linen pocket tops and cargo-style pants. Plus, with prices topping out at $610 and averaging at the $200 mark, there’s no excuse. Interested? See our top picks from the capsule below.

The Frankie Shop ‘Camille’ snakeskin print top, $134;

The Frankie Shop ‘Julie’ blazer, $395;

The Frankie Shop ‘Julie’ shorts, $195;

The Frankie Shop ‘Linda’ jumpsuit, $325;