The pace of life today can make it difficult to achieve flawless skin and radiant hair. We feel your pain and have drafted VATEA, a natural and organic skin-care brand, to help us make simple changes to our daily routines and skincare that will benefit our hair and skin.

6 Tips to Keep You Looking Fabulous:

These six tips will keep you looking amazing.

#1 Less

Overusing products or layering too many on the skin at once can cause skin irritations. This can lead to skin breakouts, rashes and clogged pores.

#2 Get lots of water

Drink lots and lots of water. Drinking water is one of the best ways to flush your body of toxins from the foods we eat and our products. The recommended daily intake is between 8-12 glasses as a guideline.

#3 Eat well

A healthy diet is another important element to help your hair and skin. The outside appearance of our skin can often reflect what we eat. A diet high in vitamins and antioxidants will promote organic and natural skincare.

#4 Rest well

Always, always, always get rid of your makeup before putting your head on the pillow. Silk pillowcases are the best. Silk pillowcases are less likely to cause friction on your hair and skin.

#5 Avoid parabens and chemical substances

Parabens have been used as preservatives in traditional beauty and personal-care products since the beginning of the 20th century. Health advocates have raised concerns about their use.

Shanna Swan is the world’s leading epidemiologist. She wrote “Count Down: How Our Modern World Threatens Sperm Counts. Altering Male Reproductive Development. and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race”. She also warned that common toxins found in organic and less natural skincare products could wreak havoc with fertility rates.

She said that chemicals in the environment and poor lifestyle choices in modern times disrupt our hormonal balance and cause various degrees of reproductive havoc.

#6 Use a sulfate-free shampoo

VATEA’s kind shampoo is gentle and soothing for all hair types. This shampoo is paraben- and sulfate-free and contains plant extracts from virgin coconut oil, quinoa and quinoa to soften hair and make it shine. It also contains tea tree oil, which supports sensitive, dry and flaky scalps.

The Organic Beauty Brands Australia 2020 Winner. VATEA combines natural ingredients and remedies with scientific formulas to create safe, organic and certified natural skincare products.