Laura Byrne and Matty J love to share funny videos, photos and family moments with their daughters. But who do the girls look like as they get older? Let’s investigate!

The former reality stars welcomed Marlie-Mae, their first child, in 2019.

Marlie is almost three years old and her personality has grown on Instagram. Fans have noticed that Marlie looks more like one parent than she used to be.

Marlie has a similar smile to her dad Matty J. It’s possible to say that her confident and bright personality is similar to her father’s. Maybe one day, she will be able to run TikTok like his dad. Lola was born February 20, 2021. She’s now known as Melon and it suits her perfectly (thanks mum!

This side-by-side shows that Lola is a follower of her mother. Laura refers to her second child “Melon”, a common feature between them.

“@matthewdavidjohnson just posted a photo of him as a kid alongside Marlie, because they’re literal twins.

“But there is no doubt where Lola got her melons from. She revealed the truth.