Get ready because in less than a week’s time we’re heading back to Fiji, but this time it’s not ex-Bachie contestants we’ll be watching, it’s the cast of season two of Love Island.

The show, which premieres on October 7th, has Sophie Monk as its host and will see contestants try to find love and, ultimately, be the couple who makes it to the end. Though last year’s winners, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp, split within days of the show (thanks to a ‘secret girlfriend’ in Canberra), that didn’t put off 11 young, single Aussies from applying. All of whom were revealed in promo photos and videos over the weekend.

Below, meet the cast of Love Island season two.

Cartier, 19, Lifeguard, NSW

Jessie, 23, Waitress, Tasmania

Vanessa, 24, Businesswoman, NSW

Cynthia, 23, Model, QLD

Cassie, 27, Executive Assistant, NSW

Eoghan, 24, Real Estate Agent, QLD

Gerard, 23, Personal Trainer, WA

Matt, 24, Wrestler/Model, NSW

Adam, 27, Plasterer, QLD

Sam, 28, DJ, Melbourne