When Kendall Jenner steps out of the house, it’s almost always going to be while wearing something we want to buy. From the perfect zebra print pantss to an off-duty dress that makes summer dressing seem a breeze, Jenner knows how to make an outfit we love.

So when it came to her recently-confirmed relationship with Ben Simmons, we couldn’t wait to see what she wore out during date night. And not just any old date night but a Valentine’s Day date night. Finally, we have some answers!

Jenner and Simmons were spotted heading into Marquee, an exclusive New York nightclub in Manhattan, for their first Valentine’s Day together. Jenner opted to dress down for the occasion, pairing classic straight leg jeans with a pair of fluffy perspex shoes (which she later swapped for white sneakers), a statement leather jacket and a latex black bucket hat.

Perfect for the chilly New York weather, Jenner looked all the part a model off-duty; which, considering New York fashion week just ended, is exactly what she is.

Simmons was equally as casual, pairing a simple black sweatshirt with a pair of slouchy trousers and a gold chain.

Can we call them a power couple yet?