It can feel intimidating when it comes to showing off the skin you’re in if you’re prone to body breakouts. While we all wish we had perfect skin from head to toe – the simple fact is, the sensitive areas on our chest, back and butt are often neglected.

Here, we’re tackling the most common causes of buttne (that’s butt acne). From red bumps to dry skin build-up and pimples – we’re solving all your skin woes.

What is butt acne?

Pardon the pun; pimples on your butt can be literally and figuratively a pain in your behind. However, there’s a good chance those little red bumps on your derrière are pimples but caused by a condition called folliculitis. This happens when a build of dead skin cells and bacteria gets into your hair follicles. The bumps can be itchy and occasionally painful. Most of all, however, they’re annoying.

“Butt acne is not truly acne — it is, in fact, most often due to inflammation around hair follicles known as folliculitis, or an irritation secondary to chronic rubbing, which can come with wearing tight-fitting clothes or even waxing,” says dermatologist Shereene Idriss explains to Allure

Here’s how you can treat butt acne and prevent it in the future

1. Step up your body care regimen 

First and foremost, get into the habit of properly cleansing the area. Look for a cleanser that contains BHAs to slough away dead skin cells, sweat and keep pesky bacteria at bay, decreasing your chances of developing those red bumps. 

BHAs, such as salicylic acid, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, penetrating deeper down to combat breakouts.

We recommend Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser or Murad Blemish Control Clarifying Cleanser.

2. Stop scrubbing 

Put down the loofah and body scrub. Idriss told Allure, “People often think they are doing themselves a favour by doing this because it makes their rear end feel — keyword — smoother. In reality, they are just worsening the inflammation, which could lead to potential scarring and hyperpigmentation.”

3. Don’t sit around in your sweaty activewear 

Dermatologist Dr. Howe told the Daily Mail that the growing popularity of Soul Cycle-style exercise classes has contributed to an increase in buttne.

“The hairs are compressed against the tight material and the bike, which is just a source of friction,” he told the publication. Limit the time you’re in your sweaty gym gear post-workout to prevent breakouts. Ensuring you’re working out in clean clothes made from breathable, natural fibres is another way to minimize irritation.

4. Consider permanent hair removal 

Waxing and shaving can further irritation of the hair follicle, leading to further obstruction of hair follicles, worsening inflammation, and subsequent pigmentation. If you need to nix a few hairs consider laser hair removal for long-term results. 

5. Other causes

As with pimples on other body parts, butt pimples can also indicate a health concern, such as problems with the digestive system or hormonal imbalances. It could also be the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

If you try moisturizing your skin and wearing natural and loose clothing, it still does not help, you may need to see a doctor. Allergies and other skin conditions could be to blame for your pimples.