Time for a hair update? These are the top colour trends to try now plus the expert approved products to keep strands vibrant and healthy.

1. Earthy Copper 

Bold red will never go out of style, but Goldwell Colour Technician from Nischler Hair Larissa Bresnehan says, “There’s been a shift away from brighter tones to shades that combine an earthy undertone, producing a more matt copper tone.” Bresnehan suggests discussing how best to achieve this modern option with your colourist, as you’ll need to opt for a hue that will complement your complexion. To start small, ask your chosen expert to add pops of warmth into brunette hair. Blondes can also change things up by introducing a soft strawberry tone as a glaze. For at-home care, use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for redheads, as these shades are particularly prone to colour-fade. When styling your hair, work a lightweight oil from mid-lengths to ends—as it catches the light it will lend a glossy, luminous finish.

2. Lived-in Blonde

Those with fair hair know that platinum can be hard work. Pale shades generally need to be coloured more often and the process can be harsher on your hair. Lived-in blonde is a softer, gentler version of traditional balayage and ombre colour. Plus, champagne and sandy hues are flattering to almost every skin type, Bresnehan explains. “These warmer tones can enrich a dull blonde, add a blush to more pale skin tones and will bring out a glow in warmer complexions,” she says. Take an example of your desired result to your colourist, but know that it might take a few visits to get the perfect shade. You want a seamless transition from any regrowth and you can go as subtle or bold as you wish from there. This trend looks best when your hair is well nourished, so switch to a gentle colour shampoo and restorative conditioner to stave off dryness.

3. Multidimensional Brunette 

The warmer months are the perfect time to give brown hair more interest by combining two or more contrasting shades. Goldwell education director Rita Marcon suggests considering whether you want your colour to whisper, talk or shout. “Whisper is having hair highlighted around the facenear the cheekbonesto suit your face shape and give an instant face lift,” she says. “Talk is about multidimensional colours throughout the hair, blending warm and cool tones, creating texture and movement. Shout [means] pushing your brunette to new heightsadding more lightness and brightness with technique and strong colour placement.” Why not try subtle caramel foils or soft balayage in a combination of warm and cool tones that will shimmer in the light and return to a rich brunette in shadow? At-home toners are available for natural and coloured brunettes to enhance and restore a new shade, while heat-protection spray will save your investment when blow-drying.

4. Subtle Shades

Marcon advises that softer, delicate colours will dominate 2019 hair trends. Bresnehan agrees, adding, “Hair colour doesn’t always need to be loud and bold to be captivating. Subtle, seamless and natural enhancements can be just as beautiful.” When looking to lift your natural colour, try subtle highlights that are two to three shades different from your natural hue, applied with either freehand painting, ombre or balayagebut sparingly. Even though you are only slightly altering your look, after-care is still paramount. Marcon warns, “Any time you change your hair colour, your hair condition can be compromised, [so] home maintenance is the secret to ensuring your colour looks beautiful every day.” For best results, use colour-care products and a shadematched dry shampoo to extend time between washes.

5. Rose Quartz

Non-traditional tones have been popular for the past few years and, while fun, they’re not very practical when you’re neither a reality TV star nor Instagram model. Enter rose quartzthe super-pretty soft pink that’s a fave of perennial cool girls Elsa Hosk and Hailey Baldwin. More wearable than other pastels, it’s the fun shade you can still get away with at work. Although best suited to light strands, Bresnehan says, “this tone isn’t limited to blondes; it can be just as striking added as a glaze over a darker base balayage [as] an easier-to-maintain colour that can be achieved by keeping your regrowth natural.” Consult your colourist to see what’s possible with your current look and bring some examples of options you like. If you’re wanting vivid results and don’t already have blonde hair, pre-lightening will be required. Be aware that this can be harsh on lengths, so keep things healthy with reparative products.