If 2019’s most popular hairstyles look familiar, it’s because you’ve seen (and probably worn) these looks before. From the ’70s-inspired shag to the early 2000s messy updo with face-framing tendrils, every style that’s had a moment this year is a blast from the past. And the flip-out is no different.

Born in the ’60s, but made popular once again in the ’90s, this look is the latest trend celebrities are recycling.

“This look is a modern take on the ’60s bubble flip,” says celebrity hairstylist Ruslan Nureev, who created Priyanka Chopra’s flipped lob. “I think it’s making a comeback because it definitely statements hair and it looks really good with mid-shoulder length, which is a popular length right now.”

If you’re inspired to flip your ends out, it’s a pretty self-explanatory styling process. Nureev says to blow-dry your hair with a thermal brush like Fromm’s Heat Duo Copper Thermal Brush, focusing on flipping out your ends as you brush. And finishing with a spritz of shine spray such as Color Wow’s Extra Mist-Ical to give the style an extra smooth look.

From Chopra’s lob to Hailey Bieber’s high ponytail, the more dramatic the flip the better. Keep scrolling to see our favorite celebrities take on this retro hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian

Along with “light frosted brown hair,” Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton gave her high half-up half-down hairstyle a retro twist by flipping out her ends.

Keke Palmer

Celebrity hairsylist Kahh Spence spiced up Keke Palmer’s flip out with a rhinestone hair clip.

Sophie Turner

If you’re not down with an outward flip, you can flip in your ends for an equally dramatic effect. That’s exactly what Christian Wood did when styling Sophie Turner’s high ponytail.

Cardi B

According to Cardi B’s hairstylist Sandrine, “Flips are back.” And we can’t help but agree. The rapper’s lace front wig was accessorized with a bedazzled hair clip.

Hailey Bieber

With a heavy spray tan and perfectly flipped ponytail, complete with a velvet bow, Hailey Bieber’s 2019 combines a ton of nostalgic beauty trends all at once.

Olivia Culpo

Look up hair flip in the dictionary and you’ll find this classic look Nureev gave Olivia Culpo. The deep side part adds to the style’s ’60s vibe.