Just over a week ago, this year’s Bachelorette Angie Kent made the difficult and extremely emotional decision between sunflower extraordinaire and confessed soulmate, Timm Hanly and 30-year-old fitness trainer and model, Carlin Sterritt. We already know that Carlin won Angie’s heart in the end, but like any reality TV show where love is involved, the rumours predicting whether the couple is still together have already started to circulate.

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. Australia has now watched (an invested their lives in) seven homegrown seasons of The Bachelor and Angie’s season was number five for The Bachelorette. You should know how these things work by now. Despite the pair certainly appearing an item post-finale , many are now speculating that a number of signs supposedly hint at a rocky future for the couple. There’s even a theory that the couple is predicted to split within 59 days, and online punters have already placed their bets.


We love a good Bachie love story as much the next person, so we’re hoping that there is no potential truth to any of these rumours. Below, we provide all the evidence pointing towards an already separated Kent and Sterritt. We’ll leave you to make of it what you will.


Hurdles? Overcome? What could have possibly happened in the few months that the pair have been together to warrant such a dramatic comment? Aren’t they still meant to be in the honeymoon stage? I have so many questions.

In an interview with NW, Carlin described his and Angie’s connection as “incredibly strong”, before dropping that they have “very big hurdles” in the way.

“If I did propose, or for our relationship to work on the outside, we have to iron out a few issues first,” he said.

This is already too much.



Ok, before you proceed, we advise that you take this next point with a grain of salt. Everybody loves an ‘insider’ who’s willing to talk to the media, but we can’t always count on their information being reliable. Speaking to NW, a source close to Kent and Sterritt said that the newly appointed Bachelorette couple is “struggling to make things work”.

“They’re all smiles now and doing press, but the truth is that they’ve really been struggling to make things work,” an insider told the outlet.

“Angie is absolutely heartbroken that it’s not panning out.

“She and Carlin just had too many obstacles in way. They also didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of the important stuff. They were butting heads over every little thing!”


This could be up for interpretation. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with some good ol’ fashioned post-show friendship – and based on Timm’s comments on one of Carlen’s recent Instagram posts, there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings between the two front runners. BUT when you take into account that Angie previously called Timm her soulmate and the dramatic and emotional Ciarran exit episode, it leaves us wondering whether her ongoing relationship with the two outside of the show is more than it appears to be.

Angie even admitted on The Project that choosing to keep in contact with Timm was a direct violation of her contract with Network 10.

“Timm is one of those people, I am one of those people, when I make a connection with somebody, I don’t care about contracts,” she said.

As far as Ciarran’s concerned, a ‘friend’ of Angie’s apparently told New Idea that their connection is still strong and the two have been sending emotional messages to each other.



Although it has never been confirmed whether the show imposes a ‘couple’s contract’ – requiring the Bachelor/Bachelorette and their winner to remain together for a certain number of months post-finale – speculations of the imposed agreement have gotten stronger of late.

New couple Angie and Carlin were even questioned about ‘the contract’ on Have You Been Paying Attention. Angie was asked to comment on Bachelor Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod’s recent breakup, to which she referenced the “Bachie Bubble” and stressed the importance of creating “a connection” after the show.

Could she be hinting at her own relationship? Only time will tell.