It’s the mobile phone that is all screen, without the notch. OPPO have been releasing their phones in Australia for a few years now and the Find X is one of the most intriguing devices that we’ve come across.

Besides being one of the most beautiful phones we’ve seen in the past year, the way that OPPO have brought innovation to the table is to be commended. At first glance you’d be wondering to yourself where the cameras are on the phone since it’s completely bezel-less and all screen.

This is where the innovation comes into play with the OPPO Find X hiding both the front and back cameras on the phone within a mechanical lift that pops-up whenever you need to use the camera. This gives the Find X and incredible 93.8% screen ratio (the iPhone XS is only 82.9%).

In our review, we were provided with the stunning Bordeaux Red. The way this phone shimmers in light is something else. However, it’s also very slippery so make sure you don’t leave on a glass table as it’s bound to slide right back off if you don’t invest in a case, or use the one included – which is a nice touch.

So what are the cameras like? If you’re into the tech specs, there’s the 25MP selfie camera and two lenses around the back – a 20MP telephoto and 16MP wide-angle. They’re very good at capturing objects and landscape shots in most lighting situations you throw at it through the use of artificial intelligence. The ability to capture photos at a wide-angle is a welcome addition.

We were worried that the pop-up camera wouldn’t hold up too well during our review, taking lots of photos of family Christmas fun, as well as New Year’s celebrations – but not only did the phone turn heads with relatives wanting to know more about what phone it was, the Find X ended up feeling really nice and sturdy. And now I’ve grown to love how the camera just pops out of nowhere to snap the moment.

Some of our sample shots are below which show some really good results from the back-facing cameras.

Another feature that we absolutely love is SuperVOOC charging. With the new Find X you can fully juice your phone in around 35 minutes, which is extremely impressive – especially when you just want to give your phone a quick top-up and don’t have a long time to wait around. But you’re probably not going to need to power up your phone too often as it comes with a pretty big battery that powers the device.

The OPPO Find X runs on Android, and the interface is very familiar to iPhone users. This isn’t a bad thing, as iOS is very easy to use. OPPO have built upon the good from Apple’s mobile platform, and added some really useful features as well.


  • Fantastic build quality and that colour is just gorgeous
  • Innovative design
  • Solid battery, and SuperVOOC charging is insanely fast
  • Cameras are very decent for a phone at this price point
  • Software is ok, but not amazing
  • Doesn’t have wireless charging or waterproofing (if that matters to you)