While the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s are famous for their iconic fashion trends (hello, shoulder pads!), the ’90s are, well, known for the exact opposite reason. Think of ’90s women’s fashion and hip-hugger jeans, pleated minis and crop tops pop to mind.

But there are a few ’90s fashion trends we still have a (secret) soft spot for and others that have made a full-fledged comeback, seen on It girls and the fashion week runways – the Dior saddle bag, a prime example.

Below, from Spice Girls platforms to Avil Lavigne minis, we recount the trends that made the decade.

1. Plaid, pleated mini skirts

A la Rachel Green, pleated mini skirts were *big* in the ’90s.

2. Slip dresses

Yes, we’ve all been wearing slip dresses for the past few years, but they actually first became popular in the ’90s with everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss sporting one on the red carpet.

3. Long leather jacket blazers

Thanks to The Matrix, long leather jacket-blazer things were a major thing.

4. Anything and everything Roxy

Oh, the days of being a skater girl, minus the skating.

5. Chain belts

A ’90s staple that made an unlikely comeback when Bella Hadid wore one out in New York City.

6. Chockers

Especially black and especially plastic.

7. Boob tubes

Remember when the coolest of cool was wearing top-to-toe Supre?

8. Hip-huggers

In 1997, you’d be laughed at for even suggesting high-waisted jeans were soon going to takeover.

9. Camo pants

“Are we at a football match, or did we just enlist in the army?” – Victoria Beckham, probably.

10. Mood rings

“My mood ring is dark, don’t talk to me” – everyone in 1999.

11. Scarf tops

Bring back Beyonce in a scarf top, says us.

12. Crushed velvet

Another trend we’re seeing resurface, especially on Blake Lively.

13. Platform sneakers

Long live the Spice Girls! But please stay firmly in the ’90s, platform sneakers.

14. Scrunchies 

Extra point if your hair is half up, half down as SJP is demonstrating below.

15. Spaghetti straps

Another trend that’s snuck up a few decades, spaghetti straps were once a ’90s staple, seen below on ’90s dream girl Gwyneth Paltrow.

16. Corsets

If you weren’t wearing a corset, did you even ’90s?

17. Pedal pushers

They’re not long enough to be pants and not short enough to be shorts, introducing pedal pushers, worn on only the most stylish of ’90s fashion queens.

18. Crop tops

Bonus points if worn with hip-hugger jeans, as seen on Christina Aguilera (more formally known in the ’90s as ‘Xtina’).