Casual dressing is about finding the right balance between style and comfort. The right casual outfit will make you feel great, no matter if you are going to coffee with friends or just for a quick trip to the supermarket. Casual dressing can be difficult to master.

Your outfit will look sloppy if you wear it too casually. If you go too formal, your outfit will not be casual enough. We’re here to help. These are our top 10 casual style tips and tricks for women.

1. Comfort is the most important thing

Casual dressing has the beauty of putting comfort first. Forget tight jeans, uncomfortable tops and high heels that cause foot swelling. Comfortable separates are more comfortable and can move with you. Lounge pants, jeans, tees and jumpers are all acceptable.

2. Be careful when choosing your fabrics

The right fabrics are essential for casual wear. It’s not possible to wear a chiffon dress with a leather jacket to school pick up. An alternative is a cotton t-shirt and denim jacket that will look great.

Fabrics such as soft, breathable cottons and high-quality linens should be preferred over those that are scratchy. Look for fabrics with at least a little stretch for fitted pieces like jeans.

3. Relaxed layers are the best option

Relaxed layers are a great way to add warmth when you need it. Are you unsure where to begin? You can layer a crew-neck sweater over a tank, or add a cozy cardigan to a tee. You can also use casual jackets such as bomber and denim styles. We recommend that you avoid structured coats and tailored blazers. These are more suited for formal wear.

4. If in doubt, go for denim

You can always count on denim for casual occasions. For decades, denim has been a staple casual item and it can’t be beat.

There are many options available, from your favorite pair of jeans to a flattering skirt or a wear-anywhere jacket made of denim. To complete the look, add a basic shirt and sneakers!

5. Shoes are important!

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Shoes that match your outfit’s style will work well for casual looks. Sandals are a great choice for summer. Sandals are more casual than thongs, and can be worn with heels or sandals. They have a sophisticated yet elegant appearance that is perfect for smart-casual outfits. Sneakers are also a great option. For a refreshing take on off-duty attire, we love a pair of white sneakers.

They are versatile and can be worn all year round with jeans, shorts, dresses, and casual dresses. Sandals are great for summer, and sneakers are perfect for any season. But boots are great for winter. A classic ankle boot with a low or flat heel is the best option for weekend looks in the cold months.

6. Be aware of your color palette

It’s easier to dress casually if you have a color palette that can be mixed and matched. Stock up on basic neutrals that can be paired with everything. These basics will be the foundation of your casual wardrobe. These items include tees and tanks, cotton jumpers and lounge pants in white, grey, black and navy.

You can wear these pieces as-is for a casual look or add a fashion color or print to make it more sophisticated. For a casual, balanced look, choose one item, such as a purple top, or striped pants. You can then layer it with your base clothes for a balanced look.

7. Get a cotton tee that flatters you

A cotton tee can be worn casually in many ways. It is classic and comfortable. This timeless staple looks great paired with jeans and boots, or with a relaxed skirt and sneakers. If you want to look stylish, your old, sloppy, and worn-out tee will not cut it. Instead, invest in one that flatters your body.

A crew-neck style is best for small busts. If your bust is larger, a V-neck or scoop-neck style might be a better choice.

8. Highlight your assets

Your casual outfit should not only be comfortable but also flattering. You can highlight your best features by using your clothes. A relaxed t-shirt that falls below the knee is a great option if your legs are sexy.

You can wear loose, relaxed lounge pants with a fitted tee, or a low-cut tank if you are proud of your bust. Regardless of what you choose, the goal is add definition to your silhouette while avoiding covering your frame with loose fabrics. You can show a little skin by showing off a bit of your skin with 3/4 pants or a V-neckline if you prefer looser tops and bottoms.

9. Find the perfect balance

A stylish casual look is about finding the right balance. You want to strike the right balance between casual and stylish. You will feel at ease in a look that is both chic and comfortable.

Denim is always a good option, but it’s not the only one. You can make everyday basics look extraordinary by adding an extra touch of style to them. There are many options, from lounge pants with striped waistbands and printed tees.

10. Add accessories to complete the look

Accessories can make or break an outfit. You can casually style your outfit by avoiding blingy jewelry and opting for subtle pieces that are stylish but understated. Don’t stop there. An elegant cross-body bag, or printed scarf, can make an outfit more stylish and sophisticated.