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Man Of Style: Hayden Christensen

For such a nice, well-mannered guy, Hayden Christensen has made quite a career out of pretending to be anything but, playing liars (Shattered Glass), crooks (Jumper), and the personification of evil (Anakin Skywalker in two of the Star Wars prequels).

The 29-year-old Vancouver native continues his march of mayhem in the new film Takers (out November 18), which features fellow hunks Matt Dillon and Paul Walker. In the fast-paced, stunt-laden flick, Christensen is A.J., the bomb builder in an expert crew of bank robbers who are out for the last big score before going on the straight and narrow. "I wanted to do a traditional action movie," he says of his latest choice. "I personally really enjoy those types of films." Given his history, we should have guessed.

One of the first things you notice about A.J., your character in the film, is that he's covered in tattoos. Are any of those real? "No. I've always had a bit of an affinity for tattoos, but I don't think I could make a decision today and know that I would still want to see it in 50 years. I had a lot of fun with A.J.'s, though. A friend of mine has a big grim reaper on his back. I always thought it was such a cool tattoo, so I had it copied."

I heard that you often clip your hair yourself. So the style in our shoot… "Is a Hayden. I usually cut my own hair when I'm not working. I'm very adept with the dog trimmers."

You use the same clippers on your dogs? "Not the exact ones, but the same model. It's easier, and takes a lot less time." Very resourceful. You and your well-groomed dogs spend time on your huge farm north of Toronto. Since you've already got clippers, what's going to be your next purchase for it? "Absolutely 100 per cent it will be a nice baby grand piano for my place."

You're the one we hear at the keyboard in Takers, right? "Yes, I grew up playing jazz and blues. I started with classical when I was four, which I was never really interested in."

Does what you wear in the country differ from your city attire? "It doesn't...I don't mind getting things dirty. I had a pair of brown Gucci boots that I wore for the longest time. They weren't supposed to be farm boots, but they ended up there."

How would you define 'Canadian style'? "It's tough for me to speak on behalf of my countrymen, but I would say it's very comfortable. I personally wear a lot of flannel [shirts] and jeans, and I feel very Canadian when I have them on." —Megan Deem

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